4 Must Taste Local Ales

The past decade has seen tons of microbreweries opening their doors in Lincolnshire with interesting and tasteful ales, beers, and ciders to indulge in. Some of the most popular styles of ales in the county include traditional bitters, IPA, and porters.

Decadence – Brewster’s Brewery

The Brewster’s Decadence won the 2009 SIBA National Silver Award. It’s a golden ale with a hint of malt sweetness from caramel with passion fruit and grapefruit aromas. The first taste will give you a zesty hop palate with a fresh, herby finish.

The hops used for these ales is Nelson Sauvin hops and it gives the beer some of the aroma and flavour characteristics which are similar to the Sauvignon Blanc Wines.

Post image 4 Must Taste Local Ales Fuddy Duck Brewery - 4 Must Taste Local Ales

Mango Mayhem – Fuddy Duck Brewery

The Mango Mayhem is a fruity beer with mango, passion fruit, and kiwi. The beer also has lactose sugar to add some sweetness, malts pale, and flaked oats. The Dana & Galaxy hops are added for bittering with Nottingham Ale yeast.

The Ale contains a hint of mango and has an Alc. the vol of 5.2% and IBUs of 32.

Golden Fleece Blonde – Ferry Ales Brewery

The Golden Fleece Blonde was inspired by the German Kolsch style of beer. This Blonde ale has been brewed to make a refreshing light ale with citrus and mild herbs. The herbs and citrus add a pilsner taste. The beer won Gold at the SIBA Eastern Region 2018 competition.

The Golden Fleece Blonde Ale has an Alc. Vol of 4.5% with pale malt, chocolate malt, hops, and yeast.

Post image 4 Must Taste Local Ales Welbeck Abbey Brewery - 4 Must Taste Local Ales

Sleeping Beauty – Welbeck Abbey Brewery

Sleeping beauty is a honey-sweet IPA that is made with English hops. The flowers impart subtle notes of honey, apricots, and almonds. It was inspired by the ornamental plasterwork ceiling of the Titchfield library at the Welbeck Abbey. Sleeping Beauty has a 5.3% alc. Vol and presents delicate flora and fauna.

These are the perfect ales to enjoy throughout the summer and are all locally brewed in Lincolnshire.

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