Top Breweries in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire has a pure love for craft brewing with over 60 craft and microbreweries scattered around the county. Each brewery offers a unique blend of its flavours in ales, ciders, and beers. With so many breweries around the county, it might be difficult to visit all of them which is why we look at the top-rated breweries in this article.

Visiting any of these breweries will give any beer lover the perfect experience of trying out a variety of locally brewed beers and attending festivals.

Post image Top Breweries in Lincolnshire Batemans - Top Breweries in Lincolnshire

Batemans – Wainfleet

For over 150 years, Batemans has been growing stronger with popularity among beer lovers. The family-run brewery has a national reputation for brewing some of the best beers in the UK. Founded by George Bateman, the brewery has stayed true to the founder.

They have interesting flavours of beer including their top-seller Mocha which is a 6% coffee and chocolate stout that has won the Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt Award.

Zest – Barkston

Zest used to run with their parent company Oldershaw’s who closed down after 22 years of operation. Zest makes traditional beers with innovative flavours and brewing techniques. They are widely loved by purists of real ale and operate from a popular mobile converted horsebox bar.

They experiment with new brewing techniques and flavours which can be seen with their Heavenly Blonde 3.8% ale.

Post image Top Breweries in Lincolnshire 8 Sail - Top Breweries in Lincolnshire

8 Sail – Sleaford

8 Sail is a microbrewery set in Sleaford that got its name from the windmill in the rural village of Heckington. The brewery was established in 2010 and its mission is to recreate traditionally and loved recipes of beer that used to be popular more in the past.

Catering to the modern tasters, they also have brews of their own that are more experimental such as the Imperial Porter which stands at 10%Alc with roasty notes and strong tastes.

Brewster’s Brewery – Grantham

Brewster’s is probably the most popular brewery in Lincolnshire having been established in 1998 by Sara Barton in Grantham. The brewer has a master’s degree in Brewing and Distilling and with pride named the brewery after an old name used for female brewers.

They create a variety of beers with different styles and tastes to cater to all beer lovers looking for exciting beers and ales.

All the breweries on this list have long been seen as the top breweries in Lincolnshire to visit for their quality and tasteful brews.

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